Not Someobody Else's Problem; Mine. By Abhas Abhinav

Not Somebody Else's Problem; Mine.


Hi! I'm Abhas, a hacker, entrepreneur and free software activist. I lead DeepRoot Linux , a Free Software Business and Mostly Harmless, a one-person hardware development and consulting company.

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Advice to students for hackathons
Are you student intending to participate in a "hackathon"? If what you want you are trying to optimise for is learning and challenging yourself, here is some advice on how to do that. I also offer suggestions on alternate methods of building your project and why it is important to think about some of these things.

Why "Open Source" still misses the point!
The term "Open Source" has been misused and misunderstood so thoroughly by now that it really doesn't mean anything anymore. Specifically, it does not convey the essence of software freedom nor is it suitable for any of the other purposes it is used for. "Open Source" continues to miss the point even after 20 years!

Personalising your involvement with Free Software
What can you do over the next 3 months to deepen, extend and personalise the adoption of Free Software? Some things can be small and quick while some of them would involve working with others.

What do you do when things are going well?
We don't put in enough effort to build skills or acquire tools when things are going well... and when things are bad, we desperately crave for these same tools that we didn't spend time acquiring.

Self-Hosted Email Newsletters
How do you self-host and send out a newsletter? Here is at least one elegant way to do it that will not force you to use a hosted-service or proprietary software. Covers the software and practices you can use for subscriber management, building content, sending mails, ensuring deliverability and analysis.

Public DNS servers and Privacy
What are the privacy issues related to using public DNS servers? What steps can you take to have more privacy with regards to your Internet access?

Choosing Freedom & Privacy on your Android phone
What do one forsake when one chooses to use a proprietary mobile operating system? How can one claim one's privacy back? How does self-hosting impact the choice of software and network-services on your phone?

Swatantra 2017: Behind the Scenes
The Swatantra conference is a rather unique conference organised by ICFOSS in Trivandrum. Its unique because of the extremely rich discussion that it creates around the ideology of software freedom, rather than the technology. I was fortunate to be a part of this conference in multiple ways in December 2017. And this is a short account of the same.

The Tyranny of Convenience
An extremely deep and insightful essay on what convenience is doing to us and how "things" that are meant to liberate us via the convenience they provide also serve to enslave us with that convenience.

How do you purchase DRM-free music in India?
The SaReGaMA Music Store is a music store that sells DRM-free music in India. They have one of the largest music collection and if you care about high quality music available conveniently and without DRM, then that is the place to head to.

Why is it difficult to fight against DRM?
What is DRM? Why do publishers use DRM for their content? What are the problems and inherent fallacies with the use of DRM? Why must we reject DRM so that we can protect and preserve our freedom?

The India Electronics Week, 2017!
A small account of my visit to the India Electronics Week in 2017.

Billy Joel: The keyboard is a percussion instrument
Could you imagine the keyboard as a percussion instrument?

Make one prototype a week.

How did you arrive at that conclusion?
A conclusion, when doled out, is a recommendation, a best practice and a lesson learned, perhaps after many trials. It hides, in its finality, all the errors, failures and trials experienced in the process of arriving at it. And unless someone can really look behind the conclusion and appreciate the effort involved or the problem that the conclusion offers a solution for, they might actually not appreciate the solution as well.

Hackable Hardware Obsession
Unless we are able to choose our hardware carefully, we might run out of places to run free software on. Or even the freedom to choose or control what the hardware does for us. No wonder you have hardware products that spy on us!

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